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Venge.io – Game Review

Venge.io can be described as an online, multiplayer First-Person Shooter game. It’s a fast-paced shooter that has a vibrant and competitive group of players. There are four games and maps, as well as numerous custom maps and game modes. You can play with seven different weapons and four different heroes. The shop lets you purchase costumes for your heroes and camos for your weapons. Invite your friends to join by posting the link on the lobby’s screen and play the game with friends! It is possible to play Venge.io absolutely for free on your computer smartphone, mobile phone, or tablet. There is no need to download to play, simply access the game from your web browser. On PC, we offer full-screen mode. Have fun the game Venge.io for free on Poki and perhaps we’ll be able to see you at the at the top of our leaderboards!

You can play as four distinct heroes; Lilium, Shin, Echo and Kulu. Each character has different capabilities and style of play. Lilium her primary strength is the grenade that deals damaging to the entire area. In addition she has a melee capability which can deal close-range damage using the hit with a hammer. Shin his primary ability is the shuriken, which can cause damage and casts spells on opponents. Additionally is an ability to melee. This means it is possible to plow into the enemy and inflict the damage. Echo his primary ability can be described as a throw axe that causes damage and casts an enchantment on enemies. In addition the melee power, which is grappling hooks that which you can point at something, and let it pull you toward that area. There is the new character Kulu. We challenge you to find out for your own abilities.

Venge.io was created by Cem Demir, who is Cem Demir. Cem has launched Venge.io in the year 2020.

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