29 April, 2022 #Interesting

Jelly Mario – A Flashback From 90’s

We all enjoy this game, possibly the most popular childhood game for those who grew up in the 90s. Those were the days, we would play all day, with no obligations and no stress and just our most loved video games and lots of free time. I really miss those days… In any case I would like to inform you that there’s a brand new version of the game that was a classic from the beginning it’s known as Jelly Mario and as the name implies, this version of Mario and the world are also made of made out of… jelly…It is an arcade/adventure-based game This game is about adventure in my opinion It also is a primary objective in mind, to save princess, however, apart from that there are plenty of different maps and a new adventure as well as challenges, obstacles, and other awesome things that make up an amazing game.I was discussing the latest edition. Well, everything is exactly the same in terms of the map and obstacles, characters and so on. But there is one major difference, and that is the world’s structure which is a jelly. Everything moves in an odd way, almost as if you were made of jelly and can swim in the water. it’s really difficult to describe, and you need to play the game a for a few times before you understand what I’m talking about.

The thing that is truly amusing really funny is when you strike enemies, instead of dying boringly your character explodes into a thousand pieces, and the pieces travel all around the world It’s pretty insane.The old classic version, we would leap on monsters, and they would be killed for Jelly Mario you really should not do it, the similar to bricks. I was unable to kill enemies in that way, but instead it was me to be killed and explode, or maybe I’m a novice.
It is difficult, the hardest element is controlling what you do with your characters in case you’ve played the Ragdoll-physics before, you will are aware of what I’m talking about. The most beneficial in this game is to stay away from enemies. It is extremely difficult to keep from hitting them when they’re close to you, and you must keep a certain separation from the enemy.Get more distance, and get as far away from them as you can. The best method is to swim at a high level.

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